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The Wedding Job
Turning street sweepers into spies, one wedding at a time

James Sweep, head of the street-sweepers’ guild, approached the party with a problem: His only daughter (Samantha) has been arranged to marry Falstadd Vashir. The problem being that his daughter doesn’t particularly want to marry, nor does Falstadd have the best interests of the guild at heart.

Instead, it appears that Falstadd wants the guild for his own devices. As street sweepers, they’re in a prime position to pass unnoticed while spying all the time.

The party investigates, discovering the following:

  • The Thieves Guild has been contracted numerous times by Falstadd. Each of these contracts has been canceled. This is the party’s first in-character contact with Ozroth the Snitch.
  • Arranged marriage isn’t unheard of, but Samantha is opposed because she’s actually in love with Scribe Maxwell.
  • The marriage itself is being officiated by Father Allen. The church doesn’t typically bother with Lowtown or its inhabitants, which casts further suspicion on the deal.

The players decide that they need proof of Falstadd’s ill-doing. He’s having a celebratory ball prior to the wedding, and they use their contacts within the Tailor’s guild to get guard uniforms. They also use forger’s guild contacts to get more invites, and disguise the rest of the party as servers. They plant the idea in Choppy’s head to have a number of racist jokes told at the ball to escalate tension and draw attention away from the group.

Additionally, they tip off the Thieves Guild to the absence of many upper houses from their actual houses. Many things were stolen.

The party infiltrates the ball sucessfully. While instigating trouble, they sneak into the back and discover a passageway to Falstadd’s study. Using brute force to disarm its trap, they also fast-talk nearby guards into moving on. Inside the study, they discover:

  • Copies of the contracts, with Falstadd’s new guild in place of the Thieves.
  • Correspondence from Father Allen arranging the marriage in exchange for loads of cash. That’d be fine with the church if he were actually turning over the required share.

They abscond with this information, making copies as necessary and surreptitiously passing them on to members of the Church of Bane and House Barren. Falstadd is exiled to the front lines of the war and Father Allen is kicked out of the church.


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