Ozroth the Snitch

Street-level interface to the thieves' guild


Ozroth is a Drow and a competent Rogue.


Ozroth doesn’t speak – he relies on an earpiece that enables telepathic sending of his thoughts. He has a very muted presence, which he exploits as much as he can to blend in to his surroundings.

He tends to command respect not only from those in his own guild but also Lowtown in general. He is, above all else, fair – he holds himself to an even higher standard of exchange than the guild in general. He can and has, however, brought a swift end to those who have wronged the guild, and displays as much emotion about this as any other activity.

His attitude toward the PCs was neutral. For a while he owed them information but he regards this debt as paid due to the actions of the mainland Sehanine house.

Aria Wallace used to work extensively with the guild in general and Ozroth specifically and is typically the one among the PCs to initiate contact.

Ozroth the Snitch

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