House Vashir


House Vashir is one of the higher-ranking houses, dating back to the founding of the city. The family has always been influential, manly through money, though they also hold land. The docks belong to them and technically Lowtown as well, though they obviously don’t do anything with it.

Notable Members

  • Morgan Vashir – The father and current leader of the house. Mentally strong but physically weak. Has a terminal disease that cannot be cured and won’t be living long. The day-to-day affairs of the house are handled by his long-time friend Count Ledford, whose word he trusts.
  • Olaf Vashir – the older brother. Looking forward to ruling the house. Knows his younger brother is ambitious but mainly thinks that this means he can fob off the real work onto him. Widely regarded as a slacker and doesn’t live up to his old man, but also considered capable of running the house.
  • Falstadd Vashir – The overly ambitious younger brother. His attempts to move up in the hierarchy cause the first adventure. Currently serving in the war.

House Vashir

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